MagicEvery year I come up with a theme for the year. Turns out I’m not the only one. I’m a little disappointed to find I’m not unique in this way but I’m encouraged that I’m not nuts in this respect either. So if you already have your theme please share it! There is so much power in vocalizing your intentions.

So last year my theme was “allowing” which was a nice way of saying “letting go of anger.” Putting that intention out into the universe hit me and it hit me hard. It summoned up all the hurtful memories of my childhood pretty much right away. Reminding me of two things, the first being why as a child I so badly wanted to grow up and secondly, that my anger had served to protect me. I began to feel grateful for the fire in my belly and instead of seeing it as something negative I realized that anger had motivated and served me. I’m not going to let go of anger and ironically, in that knowing, comes less anger. This year I learned to change my inner dialogue just a little bit. I learned to say, “I’m okay.” I accepted that I have a temper and I get angry sometimes and I even found a bit of gratitude for it.

This year I’m going in a totally different direction. My theme is Magic. I can’t say why except that word is surrounding me to the point that it can’t be ignored. Nor can it be explained, I guess until next year when I see how it all played out. I think it’s going to be a fun one.

What’s your theme for 2015?



P.S. Now it’s time for our special announcement. Vision360, our online retreat, is happening January 24th & 25th. Stay tuned for details.