postitA while back I did an exercise where you had to make yourself permission slips. I didn’t think much of it at the time. But it must have sunk into my subconscious because as I have been going through my day to day the word permission keeps coming up. I’m using it on my calls, in conversation, and in my own head.

I had no recollection what I had written on my sticky notes until I looked back at them. I had written things like “eat ice cream”,”drink wine”, and “be silly” and more serious stuff like “make mistakes”and “be an imperfect mother”.

I feel grateful for having taken the time to identify the things I really wanted permission to do and be. For some reason putting the things I judge myself about on those sticky notes worked some sort of magic because I have majorly eased up. That easing up has created space and a desire for even more room to just be myself.

So here you go, if you feel so inclined, get out your sticky notes and start writing. But more importantly, when that voice pops in and says, “no you can’t do that, or you should do this,” counter those thoughts with the idea of giving yourself permission to just be you – no judgment. For some reason there is an authority in that word that tends to shut down the critic in your head.

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