Planning for Summer

Planning for summer varies a bit from other times of the year but the overall process remains the same. Our goal is that you leave our calls knowing how you want to allocate your time and energy.

We start by checking in with your 3-year vision statement. This is always a highlight because people forget how powerful their own vision statement is and how good it feels to read it again. We think of your vision statement as your compass. It dictates the direction that you are heading in at all times.

Then we review your 1-Year goals. This is to remind you of your big picture goals and review where you are at the halfway point in the year. We review 1-Year goals every 3 months as part of our program, and quarterly goals are tied to 1-year goals so there are no surprises here. The nice thing is that not all goals are worked on every quarter so we’ve seen some goals wrap up while others are coming into focus.

Next we look at your goals for the summer quarter. Something that I noted for myself is that I typically have 10 less work days or 2 work weeks off in the summer. That means I have to be realistic with my summer goals and adjust my expectations accordingly. One thing that I love about planning is that when you take the time to look ahead you can set yourself up to be successful while enjoying the time you take off. I think this especially pays off in summer.

We never leave a planning call without action steps or in our lingo commitments. What will you do this week in service to your goals? These are the things you are going to do between our planning call and our first accountability call. This is where your plan turns into something real.

Last but not least, we ask you to flash forward. Summer is over. How does it feel to have accomplished everything you set out to do? What are you doing, where are you at, what is going on with you?

I will leave you with that, how do you want to feel at the end of summer? 

If you want to go through this process yourself, it’s not too late. You can sign up for our planning sessions. Click here to learn more.