Recently, I had a conversation with a member of one of my groups about procrastination. He’s relatively new to the idea of accountability as a skill and he said something to the effect of, ” I guess I’ll get better at this over time, since you probably don’t struggle with procrastination anymore.” I immediately had to set the record straight. Yes, you will get better at being accountable but that doesn’t mean that you won’t procrastinate. The most successful and skilled among us, put off doing things, even when we know better. Honestly, I get procrastination around the things that we don’t want to do, but what I find vastly more interesting is why people, myself included, procrastinate on the things that we say we want.  Why would we actually say we want something and then not do the work?

Well that’s why I love accountability so much. We get to distill what it is that we want into a few things that are most important to us and that are difficult for us to do without accountability. So it’s not a to-do list, it’s a hard-for-you list. That means for some reason these things that you really want to accomplish you find yourself putting off, avoiding, or doing without consistency. Why? Because these are the areas that require you to do something different than what you’ve been doing. You want to do these things because they will impact your life, right now. It’s not an accident that these are the things that you want to do. You might have financial success but have trouble attracting a relationship, you might have a stellar career but you can’t maintain a healthy weight. Look at what you are procrastinating and let it give you insight into where you need to grow. Because believe me, your procrastination will teach you something. I hear all the time, I want to get to the next level, well look at what you are avoiding, that’s where the next level begins.

Ask yourself this, what is something that you really want to tackle or get done but that you’ve been avoiding?

What one action could you take this week that would address it head on?

If you accept the challenge, please share what you learned from facing your procrastination by leaving a comment below.

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