nuancesI’m not sure how these waves make their way through the groups but inevitably they happen. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had over the last few weeks on purpose, vision, and figuring out what you want. It’s got me excited, happy, and a little bit scared because these are the really big questions that force me to up my game. It’s inspiring to see this desire to stretch further, go deeper, and to name that feeling that you have that there is more out there for you.

Why evolve now?

Before I created the Accountability Works program, I was part of an accountability group, unknowingly testing out the process for several years. Then I tweaked it and took it out to my company. People would sign up with me for 8 to 12 week sessions, all making commitments around their business, all talking solely about marketing, prospecting, etcetera, then at the end of the session most would move on and a couple here and there would sign up again. I based Accountability Works off my experience but I also knew I wanted to have a more complete conversation. Yes, I wanted the process to support your success but success needed to be more broadly defined, it could be in your career but I actually hoped that it would include any area that needed attention, and it has. What I didn’t realize was that once I opened myself up to having a more real and fulfilling experience the majority of my clients would come back again and again, using the process not just to hit their target numbers but to deepen their learning of themselves.  So here I am forced to evolve to meet the challenge of your growth.

Now I am in unchartered territory, pushed by you and your desire to live your life in the most loving, most honest, most fulfilling way possible. So here I go, digging deep into my experience, trusting my intuition, and tapping into my best resources to give you what you need. As I write this, I have my vision board in front of me and what pops out are these words, “I love working on crazy ideas and actually seeing them come to life.” Next up on the crazy idea list: creating a three day experience that will leave you with a Vision that is clear, connected to who you really are, and feeling the incredible power of what it is to be alive at this moment. I literally just confirmed an outrageously beautiful space in the Santa Barbara mountains (January 23rd-26th, 2014) for our first annual “Vision” retreat. (Don’t worry a lot more information on that to follow)

In the meantime, continue to journal, write, cut out clippings from magazines on what that vision looks like for you. Every step you take towards knowing what your best life looks like and then living it, is a step worth taking.