This week I was listening to a Walking Meditation led by Thich Nhat Hanh that was recorded during a retreat in 2008. He was speaking to a group as they were doing a walking meditation and he talked about the power of walking together. To be sharing the intention of being present, walking in silence, learning, and sharing in the energy of that experience.

It reminded me of the power of being in a shared practice with your accountability group members and the energy you get from putting community around your goals. 

At first it can seem a bit scary to put what you truly want out in front of other people. Even to admit to yourself that you want something badly enough to commit to it is a lot. But then your goals and commitments are held week after week in the container of the group. Of course your goals are not there by themselves. Each member has placed their goals into that container too. Together each week your group brings their intention and attention and each person’s goals are given time, energy and space. 

Time, energy and space are all precious. So why share it with other people, strangers even? The same reason we meditate in groups, we run in groups, we workout in groups. The quality of our commitment and the energy we bring and receive is different. 

After years of practicing accountability you would think I could or would simply hold myself accountable. But, I can’t supply the quality or energy that the group gives me. Just as I will run farther, faster and more consistently when I run with friends. Or meditate longer and practice more when I’m part of a meditation group. 

Your goals are precious. They deserve time, energy and space. I often hear people speak to the things they want to accomplish. Growing and scaling their business. Creating financial freedom. Having more systems so that they can have greater ease. Going back to school to follow a passion that they’ve held at bay. Getting that next, better job. I know that all the information for them is out there. There is nothing out of their reach or impossible. And I also know that when we work together they will be more committed, work faster, go further, persevere longer and practice more because we will give their goals time, energy and space. 

Yesterday, I met with two women that started with me way back when Accountability Works was just a baby. After 10 years of being in accountability groups, I marveled at all they’d accomplished. I found myself thinking, wow, you really did it. Getting ready to sell a business. Buying a retirement home. The health, the well-being, the time freedom – all felt so good to witness.

For me, putting community around my goals via an accountability group made sense. It made doing things that were really hard, easier. Starting Accountability Works was the next logical step because so many people were unaware that accountability groups existed or how to run them effectively. What I didn’t know was how good it would feel watching each person turning into real life experience what they once dreamed of. That is the power of putting community around your goals. There is so much more to share and celebrate. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we have new accountability groups forming in September. You can learn more here. To be the first to know when we open up for enrollment make sure to join our waitlist.