Accountability Works Member Feature: Q+A with Claudia Cordova Rucker

Before we dive into our Q+A with Claudia Cordova Rucker, we have to say a bit about where we are at.  It’s mid-August and it seems like the theme around here is transitions. A shift from summer to back-to-school. From melting hot to sporadic cooler days or nights. From what was before we dialed things back to enjoy a restful season to what lies ahead

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all been in the Messy Middle. In our 12-week process this is weeks 6-8 and within a year, months June-August. The inevitable dip. The hardest time to continue to show up. But you do. And then before you know it, you’re on the sweet other side of whatever change you’ve been working towards.

This month, we’re introducing you to one of our members who understands this process deeply on both a personal level and in her professional mission.

Meet Claudia Cordova Rucker, Founder of Beyond Ordinary Business and Business Refinement Consultant.

Claudia has founded multiple businesses, been recognized by the California Senate multiple times for her excellence in leadership and contribution to her community’s economic growth, and is one of the most generous women you will ever meet.

She became a part of the Accountability Works community as her decades of experience came to culmination. We have been very fortunate to witness the birth of Claudia’s latest endeavor, Beyond Ordinary Business. In her words, the mission of BOB is creating humane, flourishing business cultures where everyone thrives.

No Band-aids * No Superficial Quick-fixes * No Exploitative Labor Practices. Lots Of Data And Self-care — And A Whole New Way Of Doing Business Beautifully.

We are living through a time where collectively we’re in the messy middle, on many fronts. One of the most prominent is in the workplace and in the workforce. So much of what was is slowly being shed and what lies ahead is beginning to come to life.

Claudia is one of the people who will be leading the charge. Her curiosity led her to find new ways of doing things. Of Doing Business Beautifully. We couldn’t be more grateful to know and support her.

Q+A  with Claudia Cordova Rucker

My true north/WHY is…

Ultimately I want to create more kindness and joy in life for myself and those around me.

To get to that vision I use my time + work to help build organizations for the future, ones where the politics of domination are no longer normal or possible and where instead organizations choose to do business beautifully. Doing business beautifully results in a life that is balanced and full of meaningful relationships, kindness, rest, and joy.

My expertise/zone of genius is…

Operationalizing liberatory principles into coherent workflows and strategies. I love accompanying and guiding entrepreneurs as they go from the planning stage to the implementation stage of saying no to status quo business practices and embracing a liberatory leadership journey.

I also think a complementary genius is working collaboratively with a community of intersectional feminist coaches that contribute to each part of this liberatory transformation process.

My daily practices are… 

Few, but very meaningful. I would love to share with our community the practice that has had the biggest impact on helping me move away from overwhelm and move towards joy, which is my morning ritual.

Starting my day dedicating 60 minutes to my self-care. This hour is broken up into three 20 min sessions. The first is dedicated to exercise because it helps me think with movement. Then the next 20 min are spent on my headspace app meditating which helps stay focused and grounded. The last 20 min is doing something I deeply care about which is learning through journaling or reading.

This daily ritual feeds my curiosity and moves me closer to being a radically resourced and resilient liberatory leader. The best part of this ritual is that I also listen to my body, so if it needs rest then I will just sleep until I am ready to wake up. 🙂

My favorite indulgence is…

Spending time drinking a cup of coffee with my husband, Mark before I start my morning ritual.

I’m reading, listening and/or watching…

Unapologetic Eating by Alissa Rumsey as well as Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel.  I’m also really loving NPR’s Gonads podcast.

I love to read and listen to podcasts.

To me, accountability is…

A beautiful art that encompasses planning, action and awareness. There is tremendous beauty in what comes after I plan, commit to action and gain the awareness of why I didn’t complete a commitment.

Accountability Works helps me…

Stay committed to my commitment to care for myself, to care with others and for others. I can’t imagine making the radical transformation from being overwhelmed and under-resourced to being so excited to enjoy life, live cyclically and in sync with nature without the support of this beautiful community and process. My investment in accountability works has yielded a joyful, abundant and beautiful life. The Accountability Works experience is sheer Magic!  

Thank you for reading our Q+A with Claudia Cordova Rucker. If you’d  like to connect with her or learn more about what she does go to…

Instagram: @beyondordinarybusiness
Podcast: beyondordinarybusiness