Hello! It’s week 2 of the “Thought” experiment. After a comparably rosy week 1, this week I noticed how an effort to change your thoughts can conjure up some serious Resistance. One of the resistances I manifested was a total crash of my computer which took me all day to resurrect. I was feeling frustrated that I couldn’t post my blog and so I decided to take a time out and go on my favorite mountain run. I stopped at the meditation bench that magically appeared a few days ago, pulled out my iPhone, and shot this off the cuff video. I hope you enjoy.

Video Transcript:

I do a lot of things to set myself up to be successful. I get up early, I meditate, I exercise, I do things that I know make me feel good. I also limit things that I know make me feel bad. Like drinking too much coffee, or drinking too much alcohol, or spending too much money. You know things that are going to make me feel guilty or not good about myself.

So what I’ve noticed is since I’ve been talking really nicely to myself. My desire to stay up late and sleep in has been off the charts. My desire to spend money frivolously is up there. Is this my ego trying to sabotage me? Is this just what a normal week is like from week to week, you have a good week and you have bad week?

I don’t know but rather than getting into guilt because I had a Netflix extravaganza the other night or had two glasses of wine instead of one or whatever it might be. I decided that I’m just not going to be hard on myself about any of it. It’s left me with a kind of a giggle and it’s been really nice.

What I really want to share with you is that watching your thoughts is valuable. If you are not doing, do it.

Make an investment into what’s going on in your mind. – Tweet That!

I know before I did this I thought I didn’t have that much control but I really do.

I read in the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles that we should be using our willpower not to control our bodies or to control other people but to control our mind. That really resonated with me. And that’s what I’m trying to do. And I encourage you to do the same. It’s a fun experiment. It is possible you can change your thoughts. And the only result of that is something positive.

Thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you next week.