If you are in our 1-year program, you know that this is the week that we revisit your 1-year goals and make any changes if needed. Why? Because when you plan your goals for January, you haven’t had the experience yet of trying to work on them. Once you’ve lived out your goals for a whole quarter, you have more concrete knowledge.

During this week’s coaching calls, we’ve done a lot of adding greater specificity to goals. I haven’t noticed a lot of dropping goals meaning they still ring true and are what you want to work on but instead we’ve been doing some tweaking. Here’s how you can do this process on your own.

Review your 1-year goals

Look at your 1-year goals and ask yourself, Do these goals still ring true for me? Is this where I want to direct my energy, effort, and resources? If the answer is yes, great; if the answer is no, would you like to add, remove, or change your goals?

In the AW program, the spring planning call is your last chance to add, remove, or change a goal.

Review your strategy

In AW lingo, your strategy is how you go about accomplishing your goal. This is where we see the majority of changes made. This is because you typically don’t know how you are going to accomplish your goal. So your strategy is a best guess. But once you’ve worked on a goal for three months, a very important question to ask yourself is: Is my strategy working? Or are you getting the result that you wanted?

We also have a lot of people who use their strategies to define their goals. One of my goals is Home is My Happy Place, but that could mean many things for many people. This goal is defined by my strategies as…

  • Have a Family Meeting Weekly
  • Update Home Finances Weekly
  • Weekly Tidying/Organizing
  • Backyard Projects
  • Trip Planning

I worked on this goal all last quarter. Coming into Spring,  I realized there were a few things I could take off my list of strategies. So this is where I’ve landed with this goal for the year. Three weekly commitments around home, planning an amazing spring break trip, and finishing our garden boxes, made me really feel happy and productive at home.

Gauge your progress

Am I where I thought I’d be at this point in the year, or am I further along, a bit behind where I thought I’d be?

Remember, we define mindful accountability as observation without judgment. There is no value in feeling bad. This is an opportunity to celebrate what did get done or rethink your approach moving forward. Be a scientist, not a judge.