You were so excited about your goal, project, endeavor. You named what you were going to do. Created a plan for accomplishing it. And you committed to it and got to work. But after working your plan for awhile things aren’t looking so good.  

Why? Because the luster has worn off. You begin to wonder if what you are working on is even important. Why did you think you needed to develop a course, revamp your website, build your email list, start a podcast, or call on 20 prospects every week?

This is hard.

This is boring.

The results aren’t coming fast enough.

Oh, and you know what else? There are so many other great ideas you’ve been having.

Better, shinier, more exciting ideas.

And so begins the downfall of the entrepreneur. So many good ideas disguised as RESISTANCE.

But there is an amazing invention out there for capturing those ideas until after you complete what you are currently working on. We recommend it all the time at Accountability Works (because our job is to keep you focused on what you said you wanted for 12 transformational weeks.)

So just in case that shiny object really is your next big thing you can use this invention to save it.

It’s called a POST-IT note. 

Write down your amazing idea and stick it on the wall, your computer, your desk, the refrigerator. And if, after you’ve completed that project or goal, you are still as jazzed about it as you are today, it will be there waiting for you. And we will be too. We will happy to make sure you to stick to that one too.

Because around here, it’s all about finishing, and finishing requires you keep moving through the hard parts, the boring parts, and most especially those tricky shiny parts.