Wow, it’s almost time to wrap up our 2021 program and the results are in! Even though it’s an impressive list, it was not without its challenges.

We continually find inspiration and hope by bearing witness to what one focused person can accomplish. And if you find yourself on this list, know that it wasn’t just you that was impacted, it was everyone that watched you persevere. Remember, that your actions ripple out and send a clear message to others that they can do it too.

So without further ado, check out what our members did this year…

In 2021 our Members…

  • Opened a new business and made it profitable, sold a business, leased new office space, and made large capital investments in equipment
  • On track for nearly $2M, had their best year in sales ever, hit their annual income goal, had their biggest month in business to date
  • Got finances in order, hired a financial planner, advisor, worked on taxes (a lot), created a will, created a trust, learned how to invest, opened investment accounts, made recurring investments in retirement accounts
  • Featured in Money + Sunset Magazines, published in the LA Times, awarded One of the Best Workplaces in their city, sang for the Mayor of San Francisco
  • Paid $35k in credit card debt
  • Created new products, new designs, sold out of all their products, expanded offerings
  • Video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, learned how to market their services in a way that plays to their strengths
  • Rebranded, created new websites, took new photos, started a blog
  • Made all types of moves and real estate investments: sold houses, bought houses, are building a dream home, lived abroad for several months, moved countries, moved to different states, or are currently moving! 
  • Finished training courses, built first online course and launched it, launched first in-person course, held an online retreat, hosted an in person retreat
  • Organized all their digital files, physical files, did Inbox Zero
  • Slowed down, became more intentional in business planning and program development, planned the quarter, month and week ahead, calendared, time-blocked, gave themselves prep time, created a marketing plan and consulted it weekly
  • Focused on doing less, hiring out more, and more hiring, and more hiring – there was a lot of hiring this year!
  • Got into Grad School, got new jobs, changed fields, got a major promotion, got a huge raise
  • Started a podcast, wrapped a podcast season and are prepping for the next one
  • Decorated a whole house, refurnished a house, cleaned out and decluttered an entire house

Personal Foundation

  • Diagnosed, went through treatment, and now cancer-free! 
  • Reversed health issue through consistent exercise
  • Movement practices, morning routines, journaling, meditation
  • Finished 75 Hard, 8-Week Workout Challenge, cut 2 minutes off their mile run time, and so much exercise
  • Learned to play the guitar, ukulele, danced, read countless books, studied Spanish, Arabic
  • Did all kinds of training from reiki to gardening
  • Cleaning habits, gym habits, waking up earlier, going to be earlier
  • Lost 10lbs, 20lbs, 25 lbs
  • Organized photos and put them into real albums
  • Staying connected and reaching out to friends and family members
  • Navigated caring for parents, family members, children

Every year we notice certain themes run through the groups. This year a big one was FINANCIAL SECURITY. We saw an incredible drive to tackle finances, create plans and make investments. I don’t think we’ve seen quite to that level in the past. It was evident that people wanted to be smarter and more intentional with their money.

Again this year, health and wellness were big topics, with a carry over from last year with the focus being on MENTAL HEALTH. Our members are a lot more open and comfortable with these topics too which we all appreciate. Self compassion was key to being successful this year.

The other theme we saw was BIG LIFE CHANGES. Career changes, huge moves, relationship changes, doing things you’ve never done before. Hanging way out there on the edge of your comfort zone. There was a bit of a feeling of NOW IS THE TIME.

Small Group Accountability Coaching

If you felt alone, or stuck or off track or like a whole year went by and not much got done click here to learn more about your 1-Year Small Group Accountability Coaching Membership

We will go all in with you on creating your vision and planning out your year. We will support you every quarter and every week in growing your business, building out your team, expanding your skills and and establishing the practices that make all the difference.

In the meantime, as the year wraps, we hope you will give yourself the rest and time for reflection that you deserve.

When you are ready to dive in, we will be right there for you.