The 2022 Results Are In!!

We decided to break up our 2022 client wins into the main areas that they fell into. We saw 7 themes emerge across our small group program. The themes were work/life balance, time management, professional growth, personal growth, financial and personal foundation.

Client Wins Include:

Work/life balance:

Days off, caps on work time, when to start work, end work, breaks, vacations, etc. Setting aside time for themselves, for creativity, and for fun. Also, for time with family, friends, and oh, so much travel!

Time management:

Time blocking, scheduling, planning ahead, weekly planning sessions, putting off checking email, minimizing distractions, putting limits on apps, implementing and fine-tuning systems, creating agendas for meetings to increase efficiency and cut down on meeting time, morning and evening check-ins, waiting 24 hours before saying “yes” to a big time commitment, tracking hours/time/tasks on different projects to increase awareness and profitability.

Professional growth: 

Starting new careers, new ventures, working more efficiently, hiring, setting income goals, sales goals, prospecting, writing a book, contributing to a book, building a website from scratch, updating a website, incorporating payment system into a website, creating a group program portal, setting up social media channels (Instagram, Facebook,
YouTube), social media posts, social media calendars, and various weekly social media commitments, including so many reels. Developed a marketing strategy, a marketing calendar, a weekly blog, a monthly newsletter, video newsletters and updating CRM system. We saw promotions and new job offers. Consistent networking, joining networking groups, and attending in person events and seminars. 

Personal growth: 

Reading, learning via online courses, in person courses, and providing and receiving mentorship. A lot of volunteering took place. Making commitments around creative projects, stepping outside of comfort zone, learning a new language. Creating space by decluttering, organizing, and selling items, and even moving. So many home projects completed. 


Paying off credit cards, paying taxes on time or even early, tracking spending and expenses (personal + professional), budgeting, cutting expenses, doing monthly reconciliation, weekly budget check-ins. Taking classes, receiving training and attending seminars on financial topics. Hiring a financial planner, completing a trust. Putting money into an emergency fund, opening a stock account, contributing regularly to savings and retirement accounts. Researching and making insurance decisions, opening up a health savings account. Investing in real estate and selling an investment property.

Personal Foundation:

Meditation, exercise, healthy eating, journaling. Lots of tracking + consistency building, quality time with family, weekly calls with extended family, daily ritual. Consistent sleep, a daily routine, reaching out to old friends. Eating veggies & drinking water daily. Daily affirmations, establishing a nighttime routine, establishing a morning routine. So many commitments around getting caught up with doctors appointments. Also, cleaning, tidying, and generally keeping life in order makes you feel good!

When we look back at 2022 there was a theme of EMERGING. After 2 years at home, people wanted to get rid of things, they wanted to travel, be with people and have more experiences. They wanted to move their bodies and they wanted to be outside. There was a feeling of not wanting to waste time and use it as wisely as possible.

There was a lot of loss, a lot of unexpected, a lot of opportunities for commitments and goals to be derailed or put aside, but again as we’ve seen so many times before, people remained committed. They stuck to their visions and as we wrapped up there was a recognition that although we only see the positive when we set goals, life will always be fuller, more varied and impact more deeply than we could ever expect.

Well done to all who participated, stayed the course and rose to the challenge. We know that each of the 2022 client wins was well earned and that consistency and follow through won the day. We are grateful for having witnessed your journey and supporting you along the way. To learn more about our 2023 cohort you can go to our small group program page and to stay connected on what we are up to follow us on IG or LinkedIn