This topic of a freedom list came up in an accountability group and it so inspired me that I decided to make my own freedom list. What’s a freedom list? It’s a list of all those things that need to get done, small things, big things, those nagging things that are taking up valuable mind space but really don’t deserve it. It’s stuff you don’t necessarily want to do but actually does need to or at least should get done, it’s the stuff you’ve been avoiding, putting off, or ignoring.

Why, not just leave this stuff undone? Life’s been going along just fine even with these minor irritations. They are important because these incompletes and undones contribute how you see the world around you. For example, if you keep putting off the unpleasant task of dealing with your skyrocketing cable bill, then every time you think about it or get a bill you cringe. You definitely do not feel good about not addressing the situation.

Now stack that on top of several other things that are not getting done. They begin to color your perspective as you move through your day. You say to yourself too many times in one day that you can’t because you don’t have enough time, money, energy, or help – you begin to believe it. Not just with your small to-do’s but with the big things too.

I bet you want to feel abundant, energetic, and in the flow. Here’s the secret to getting good energy back fast. Make a freedom list. This is the list that is going to free you from heavy and negative energy. Then focus on one item at a time. Get it done, get it off your plate, get it scheduled, paid, cleaned out, mailed, posted, sold, whatever, get “it” done. After a few you will feel much better. You’ll gain momentum and you may even realize some of the things don’t need to be on the list or you can enlist others to help you.

And when you again find yourself saying I don’t have enough (fill in the blank) figure out what needs to get done and do it.