FocusI’m back to work this week and it feels amazing. Being home over the last few weeks, unpacking, organizing, and exploring our new home and surroundings has been both exciting and exhausting. There is something deeply satisfying about getting back to business, reconnecting with my clients, and doing what inspires me.

As I look back over the last month, I can see that one of the things that created a lot of stress was around feeling like I “should” be doing more. I missed my accountability group because it forced me to put what’s important front and center and get it done, in a week if it’s something I could do in that time frame or in 3 months if it was something bigger that I needed to break into smaller steps. The whole time I was off, I wasn’t accountable and so I had this feeling of “should”. I should be working out, I should be eating better, I should be sleeping more, I should be sending out more marketing emails, making more phone calls, I should attend this or that function.

I like being clear about what’s important, top of the list, and letting everything else happen if there is room, time, or if it fits with what’s already going on. If there is a fire in some area I can deal with it, but it doesn’t derail me, because I am clear about what’s important. Accountability has given me so much freedom from my mind chatter. Knowing what’s top of the list means also knowing what’s not. It means being really awesome at just a few things, the most important ones. My personal group starts next week and I can’t wait! There are open spots here and there so check the schedule if you are looking for the freedom that comes from getting focused.