I’ve been in that space lately where decisions are really difficult to make. It’s so much more fun to be super clear and know exactly what you want. It’s time for me to make changes and expand my business in a big way and I’m scared. There I said it, I’m scared. I had to laugh because I was surfing over the weekend and I haven’t been out in the water nearly enough to build the confidence I need to really go for it the way I know I can. I sat in the water with this running commentary about how all I had to do was commit to the wave and everything would be fine. In surfing, being indecisive is dangerous, but when you are scared that’s exactly how you feel. I guess that’s the conversation I’m having with myself right now. Am I ready to commit to making everything bigger, taking on more work, challenging myself when everything just got comfortable? 

Surf's-UpFor me the gift of indecision has been to finally see it for what it is, fear. Every opportunity you get to confront fear is an opportunity to expand what you are capable of. Something I’ve noticed from doing this work is that the person that seems to be just starting out and the person that appears to be uber-successful are not that different on the inside. We all experience self-doubt. What makes the big difference between what one person is able to accomplish versus another is more a matter of what that person believes they are capable of. We all have the same number of hours in a day, and similar hopes and fears, so I believe the work is to really expand what we believe we are capable of and I think that is done by facing fear. Acknowledging fear doesn’t make it go away but it’s a step in the right direction.