MoneyThis month I’ll be thinking and working a lot with integrity. Money is always an easy entry point into the topic of integrity since we can have tension, guilt, remorse, and many other forms of “energy leakage” when it comes to money. So to start out our exploration into integrity, I gave the assignment to my trainers-in-training, to track all of their spending for the next week. Every single cent, whether its a dollar you put in a collection jar or your mortgage going out on automatic payment. I asked them to keep a notebook on hand to track every single expenditure with no specific agenda other than to become extremely conscious around spending money. This week, in preparation for the class,  I took an in depth look at all my business and personal finances and realized I had gotten a little too unconscious around money. As I was writing out the assignment I got excited about it. I remembered the last time I did it and how enlightening and empowering I found it. Just knowing that I had to add something to my list made me more thoughtful and deliberate. Then I started thinking through the purchases I made in the last few days gearing up for the holidays and I realized this is a perfect time to challenge myself to be extra aware around my spending. I got so excited in fact that I decided to invite you all to accept this challenge too. Let’s get super conscious around money, it’s amazing how just keeping track, has a way of stopping many of those “leaks”. Have fun and let me know how it goes.