I’m the kind of person that can look at my kids and feel sad because I can see them grown up and leaving for college. I feel the passing of time and it scares me and it makes me feel this pressure to do everything now. So when I focused an entire session on joy the first thing that I did was give myself more time and space to enjoy the life I already have.Peacock Butterfly. (Inachis io) Nikon D3100.  DSC_0378.

As I’ve stuck with the idea of giving myself more time it’s started to spill into other areas. I realized I’d gained almost 5 lb. over the summer. Normally, my first reaction would be to do a cleanse, join a bootcamp, or stop eating carbs. Instead, I knew that I’d been traveling and indulging and that when I got back to my normal routine it would come off. Thankfully, most of it has, but without the pressure of time. Without feeling bad. 

I was in awe of one my clients the other day. He was describing his week and going down his list of commitments, feeling really good about what he had done. I could very clearly remember a year previous when the week that he was describing was exactly what he was striving for but couldn’t quite achieve. A lot of change had to take place, a lot needed to get cleared away and cleaned up. It turned out that there were many steps in between the life he was leading and where he wanted to be. But he was there. He had set it all up for himself. I felt so inspired.

A  year or even several seems like an extraordinary amount of time to make the changes that you want until you look back and realize that you did it. Then it seems fast. You see the process that you went through and that each piece was necessary and important.

There is money to be made in selling “time”. It feels like a limited resource so anyone or anything that is going to save some of it for us is going to get our attention and maybe our dollars too. But as a person that facilitates transformation I have to say that we have a lot more time than we think and its with great compassion that I say allow yourself to enjoy your process, it’s as unique as you are.