HolidaysHappy Holidays from my family to yours!

We are signing off, logging out, and chilling out over here at Accountability Works but before we do I wanted to send out a little holiday love and say thank you for being a part of this community. Your participation in the groups, individual sessions, your comments, likes, shares, tweets, simply opening up your email and taking the time to read a newsletter or a blog post was so genuinely appreciated.

I love Christmas in particular because it was my Grandmother’s birthday. She always made Christmas extra special and now my Mom has taken on that tradition. As long as I can remember, we’ve all taken care to spend every moment we can together on the holidays. My sister and I bring our families to my Mom’s house and we don’t leave for at least two days. My sister lives down the street from my Mom and has for years but that doesn’t matter. It’s the kind of house where best friends are always popping in and there’s a good possibility that if you do, we will be in a heated game of Pass the Pigs, a great bottle of wine will be open and ready to be shared, and the aromas of my Mom’s famous cooking will fill the air.

I savor these moments and I hope that whatever your holiday traditions may be that you enjoy them.

With love,



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