It’s week 3 of the “Thought” experiment. I was motivated to do this after reading the The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. I felt a connection to Wattles because he started out talking about the importance of vision. I was thinking yes, that’s why we developed Vision360. And he talks about effective action, and I thought yes, yes, that’s why I created Accountability Works! I’m loving it so far. But then he went on to the importance of controlling your mind and only thinking thoughts that are in alignment with your vision. Insert stumped silence.

After reading that, I felt I had stumbled on a beautiful piece of information, that I’d probably heard a million times before but never taken in quite the same way. I knew I needed to explore it. Hence, the “Thought” experiment.

In week 1, I noticed that part of my vision is to feel healthy and beautiful but my actual thoughts were quite the contrary.

In week 2, I noticed that changing my thoughts was making me either want to do things that make me feel bad or not want to do things that make me feel good. I was experiencing major Resistance.

In week 3, the Resistance continued. It turns out that thinking good thoughts does not in and of itself create good action. You have to decide, commit and DO.

It was fun to isolate thinking for a few weeks but I have missed the commitments I make to feel good. Like getting up extra early and going to bed early. I also value the time I’ve taken to notice how my thoughts have been working against me and knowing that I can change them.

So in my experience so far I have to say when it comes to which is more important, positive thinking or positive action, it’s not an either/or – it’s both. Now, I can go back to using my accountability group to give me strength and discipline in my actions as well as my thoughts.

Here’s a video update for this week:

Video Transcript

“You can feel bad and not go into super negativity. I think that was the experience that I had this week and particularly this weekend – really feeling physically not good in my body and yet not getting too attached to it and too crazy with my thoughts around it. But it’s a lot harder and what I want to help you with and help myself with is to cultivate a sense of ease.

Although, it takes discipline to do some of the things that make us feel the best it’s so worth it.

Because thinking good thoughts makes you open to possibilities that are happening around you all the time. I have been having the most incredible experiences and I’ve really slowed down as I’ve been changing the dialogue that I’m having with myself. But, I also notice that the behaviors and the actions are just as important as the thoughts. That wasn’t something I was focused on for this accountability session that I’m in right now. I was really just focused on thoughts and now I’m getting back into action and I’m really excited about what the next week will bring as I focus on those actions that support feeling really good.

So have a fantastic week. Do what makes you feel good and if you don’t, don’t be hard on yourself about it.”

Have a great week!