I love decluttering. Not only do you have a more attractive space but you also have the side bonus of freeing up stuck energy. When you know you need to shift your energy and get your mojo back – think new project coming down the pike or simply feeling stagnant, confused, or indecisive – the easiest route forward is to tackle your physical space.

Do this with the knowledge that when you are done good things are sure to follow. Intentionality is huge. Here’s the simple steps I take when it’s time to invite some new energy in. 

#1 Pick a space to tackle and remove everything. I think Marie Kondo would agree with me on this point. For this example I’ll use your office but it works on any space that could use a good declutter. Pull everything out of your office or workspace (desk, drawers, closet, file cabinet) so you can see it. Warning this might look like your office exploded and you might get panicky that you bit off more than you can chew. That’s okay, we are getting through some old energy here and probably quite a few things you’ve been avoiding taking care of. 

#2 Get rid of most of it. Be honest with yourself. Are you ever going to look at that notebook again? Are you going to read that article or finish that book? Are you going to use a quarter of the stuff you’ve been hanging on to? No? Then trash it, donate it, sell it, whatever – but it has to go. This part is essential. You don’t need reminders of the stuff you thought you were going to do or use. It’s plugging up your space and the energy it’s holding is old. You’ve outgrown it. Plus, the more you can release the more you invite in. 

#3 Put it away beautifully. Take the things you have left and put them away mindfully. I mean really love where you put it. The items you’ve kept are important and meaningful. Treat them like it. I have a lovely collection of notecards I could never see because they were buried deep in a basket in my office. Now they are in an organizer right next to my desk so I can see them…and use them. Imagine that! You will know you did this part right because every time you open your desk drawer or the closet you will pause to admire your handiwork. You will feel physically lighter like you personally shed 10 pounds.

#4 Have patience and pay attention. Now that your physical space is clear and clean you will begin to feel the mental space follow suit. Resist the urge to rush it. Notice where your attention is being drawn. Allow yourself to have downtime. For many this is the hardest part. Fear of not doing can creep in. Having been at this for 6 years now, I know that this calm is priceless and profitable.

Relax and enjoy your handiwork and before you know it you will be swept up in the flow again!