As we get into the home stretch with the retreat just two weeks away (don’t worry you haven’t missed it, you can enroll here up until January 15th) what has really surprised me is the group of women that have enrolled. You know who decided to attend a retreat on Vision? LEADERS. It reminded me of when I started Accountability Works. I wrote all my marketing towards people that needed motivation, focus, clarity. You know who signed up? DOERS. The people that want accountability are the people that VALUE it. The people that want to go to a retreat on vision, VALUE it. They appreciate what it is to see something in the mind’s eye and make it real. I LOVE THAT. Here is one such example.

amandaI want to introduce you to Amanda Romero. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for the last year. Anyone that knows her can attest to her leadership ability. She is the kind of person who can put together a team of people to run over 200 miles, some in the dead of night and alone. She just roped a bunch of her girlfriends into running the Nike half marathon and they rocked it. In about a week or so she’ll be running her first full marathon. She is open hearted, a great listener, and a motivator. Somehow she manages to do all this while raising three boys and working a full time job. Shauna Lay , retreat co-creator, interviewed Amanda about her Vision and how it has impacted her life. I hope you have fun reading this. I sure did.

Shauna: Why is visioning important to you?

Amanda: It’s important to me because it helps me to get out my inner most desires, to get it out and to see it versus only feeling and wanting it. When I can look at something tangible, then I can see what’s on my mind and what is important to me. If you don’t have it available to look at then you have nothing to reference.

Shauna: Have you always visioned?

Amanda: No, having a vision is new to me. I hadn’t put anything together up until last year. When I created it, I was very excited because I got it out of my head and on to paper and it was so much fun to do.

Shauna: Would you call yourself a dreamer?

Amanda: No, I’m a doer.

Shauna: What was going on in your head, when you said, “I got it out of my head”?

Amanda: I would think about how cool it would be to do this or that. For example, I want a house but I need a plan, I want a new car, I want to read more. I think about the things that are important to me. But most of the time, we sort of pass up those thoughts. But when I put it together on a vision board, all those thoughts are in front of me so I can clearly see what’s important to me. I have a million thoughts a day, but what’s important to me is on my vision. I go back to it all the time and realize it’s happening. Someone told me once if you don’t want it to happen, do not put it on your vision board. And it’s so true! I have had it for a couple of months and I can see things coming true. It keeps me focused and helps me realize what thoughts are important.

Shauna: What is the difference between someone who dreams and someone who creates a vision?

Amanda: A dreamer is somebody that says I wish and someday I will. A vision gives you a purpose, it gives you a map.

Shauna: How do you see it as your map?

Amanda: When I look at it, everything that is healing to my mind and my body is in the middle. And everything extra is around the outside. I have mantras and statements that landed on my board because I connected with them. But the placement is interesting; the placement maps out the connection. The connection between the pictures and the words makes me think. It makes me feel good to look at it.


I gravitated toward all health and fitness magazines. But I realized there were missing parts to my map. So I started buying any magazines that called to me. If I liked a picture or a quote on the front cover I would buy it and cut it out. I even had AAA magazines in the mail that I would look through. So initially I went to my comfortable place, the place I knew about myself and then I realized there was something missing. What happened is, I started to fill the missing parts. Like, I have a picture of a huge gorgeous table on it and that’s because I love hosting get togethers.

Shauna: How did you decide what to put on the board after cutting?

Amanda: There was a stack and so many of the clippings were just stuff, which to me meant unimportant thoughts in my head. So I got rid of all the stuff and put only the important stuff on it. Like, I have a fuel tank on there that’s filled to the rim. It means filling myself, fueling myself all the way to the top.

I also have a bike, bathing suit, Boston Marathon, and running shoes on my vision board. Recently, I signed up for my triathlon team for next year. The coach asked, “what’s your goal” and I replied, “to go to Boston.” And the coach replied, “well, we will get you there.” It’s all coming together!

Shauna: Would you be where you are today without your vision board?

Amanda: No, because I look at it everyday and it reminds me of my aspirations.

Shauna: Do you think you would have gotten there anyway?

Amanda: I don’t know but the vision board gives me a push, it perks me up, I am more aware, it provides awareness for me. I am glad I have it, I love it and it’s pretty.

As, always thanks for reading! 




P.S. Accountability Works got going this week. So fun to have the groups running again. We have room in our Thursday 12pm group so if you have been wanting to try it out or re-enroll you can still get in! Just click the link here.