I recently went to a workshop held by business strategist Tara Gentile. She said that entrepreneurs are vision holders and that it’s the vision that you hold that attracts your clients to you. This struck me because I always think of a vision as being something personal. The idea Tara suggested, that entrepreneurs are holding a vision not only for themselves but for others, seemed foreign and enticing all at once. In my life having a vision has meant that I have this very clear picture in my mind that acts as a sort of compass. When I have too many options, it keeps me clear, because I can ask myself, “is this going to bring me closer to my vision or further away?” When I am bored with the minutiae of running a business, I can bring up the vision and see the value in what I’m doing. When something gets in my way, I can look to my vision and ask myself if I’m willing to let this thing prevent me from reaching my vision, and the answer is always no. In my experience, a vision is powerful, but it’s not something that I offered to other people on purpose or at least I never thought of it that way. Thinking of my vision as being attractive to others, as motivating someone other than just me, is really a very exciting proposition and just fires me up that much more to get moving. Whether it’s a vision for how your business serves people, or a vision for your life, a vision is never completed by just you alone, it requires a lot of people supporting and rallying around it. In order for that to happen you have to be clear about what you want. So my question is what vision are you holding?

If you have never given a vision any thought, or if the last time you did was so long ago it doesn’t seem relevant anymore, here are a few things to consider. I suggest writing your vision down. Just a few sentences with as many descriptive words as possible. A vision is just that, something you can see, so paint the picture as clearly as possible in your minds eye. When you write it down use only the present tense and only positive words. For example if you have financial problems now, don’t write I am debt-free, instead try I am financially independent. Be as concise as possible, you want something that can be a mantra, not an essay. Mine has been in my head for so long now that it’s down to one phrase.

Remember this is your vision, so don’t limit yourself, the key is that you connect with your vision so much that when you think of it, it’s like a flame. It lights you up.