What are you tracking?

There is a very simple starting place when you want to make a change and that is to track what you are currently doing. In fact, you may already be using this technique. When we start our 1-Year Program we ask, What are you currently tracking or what would like to keep track of this year?  Not surprisingly, that field is never left blank. 

We often start with tracking because it’s an easy way to gain awareness and build confidence. Sometimes we build change up into something bigger than it needs to be. Numbers have way less emotional energy and once you know them you can begin to see what your next best step is. Marissa often says, the truth is in the tracking. And it has become a sort of mantra around here.

Tracking Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

The good news is tracking doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, whatever you feel like tracking, there is probably an app for it. Our clients track all sorts of things which you can see in the chart below.

The top 3 things our clients track personally are:

1. movement and exercise
2. personal finances
3. food and drink intake

In your professional life, whether you have goals you set for yourself or goals you need to meet for work, knowing your numbers is essential.

The top 3 things our clients track professionally are:

1. income/finances
2. sales
3. leads (which includes lead generating activities)

What we track at Accountability Works

Over the years, I’ve personally tracked many things and I’ve learned a lot from it. One lesson is that I will do more (or less) of something simply because I’m tracking it. This year I’ve decided to continue with tracking exercise (via my Apple watch), how much alcohol I’ve consumed (via an app called Less), and how many books I’ve read (I keep a running list of books in the Notes app on my phone).

On the business side we have been good about tracking income and expenses but now we are breaking everything down further so we can understand what our coaching side of the business costs versus selling planners. We also track website traffic, leads, sales, and retention. We started overly ambitious with our tracking but over time we’ve learned what is important and sustainable.

A Good First Step

The question now is: what do you need more clarity around? Before you set a big goal around making a change, a good first step is seeing what you are actually doing.

Complain that you need to go to bed earlier. Start writing down what time you turn off the lights. Want to post on social media more often? Write down how many posts you did each week for January.

Remember the truth is in the tracking…