Spring 2023: Quarterly Reflection + Planning

We are wrapping up our winter quarter and getting all our members prepped for Spring 2023 Planning. We thought you might like to follow along with our quarterly reflection and planning pages out of our AW 1-Year Undated Planner.

Part of what we have found is how valuable it is for our clients to reflect on the quarter that just passed. It’s so important that we made sure to include quarterly reflections into the AW Planner. As we dive into spring, it’s a good time to assess how the winter quarter went, any adjustments you want to make to your 1 year goals, then based on what you’ve learned, set your quarterly goals. 

Use these 4 simple questions to help you:

  1. Flash forward 3 months from now. It’s July, how are you feeling, what’s going on with you, where are you at?
  2. If you set goals for 2023, are there any changes that you’d like to make? In our program we don’t set our 1-year goals in stone until we’ve had a quarter to sit with them. If you don’t have a resounding ‘yes!’ for your goal, it’s okay to let it go or change it. 
  3. Are there any lessons learned from the last quarter that you’d like to apply to this quarter? 
  4. Considering where you want to be in July, what are your 1-3 top goals or priorities? 


The energy of Spring makes this one of our favorite times of year. And in our business it’s an important time to set up for a more easeful summer and jam-packed fall. All of that takes planning! 

If you’d like help with planning your spring, we have a new offering for you. The quarterly planning sessions are here! This is your opportunity to meet with one of our coaches to plan your quarter. To learn more and sign up click here.