Shauna Vision Board

Shauna and I shot this video at the White Lotus property where we will be holding the Vision360 Retreat. I asked Shauna to bring her board for a few reasons. 1) Many of you in the groups are busy creating vision boards and I thought this would be a great example to give you ideas and inspiration. 2) Shauna made this board a year ago and it still speaks to her and yet she has literally moved leaps and bounds in personal and professional growth since she made it. 3) I wanted to share with you some of the passion that we have around Vision.

When I watch this video it makes me smile because Shauna is so happy and lighthearted. I can remember lounging in a hammock in Costa Rica while Shauna did handstands up the wall. At some point she shared, “I decided I’m going to be a yoga teacher.” My reaction was along the lines of, “of course you are.” Mind you, this was our college graduation trip after having worked our butts off for the last 4 years getting our engineering degrees. Even so it made perfect sense. This has been her calling for the last 13 years and she has put her heart and soul into yoga, fallen in and out of love with it, and eventually found her voice within the many disciplines of yoga today. More than that she discovered her spiritual path through yoga and she is an amazing steward of this knowledge. I have known Shauna throughout her journey, and can honestly say, as each year passes she becomes more playful, more fun, and more free. Although the retreat is not about making a vision board, it is about capturing that which lights you up, and casting it forward in the form of a Vision, whatever form that Vision may take. I can see Shauna’s light here in this video, I bet you can too.

I hope you get some inspiration and enjoy watching it!