As we begin the last week of the first month of this New Year, we wanted to offer a bit of insight. It’s quite common to come into a new year full of energy and excitement and by this point to have seen some of that motivation to accomplish your goals fizzle out. 

If that’s you, do not worry. You have not blown it, you are not off track, stops and starts are natural and part of the process. Your goals do not require you to be perfect; they require you to return again and again despite your imperfections. 

And yes, the world has been less than friendly to staying focused. We have had heavy burdens of fear and uncertainty to contend with. And yet, we are still responsible for leading our way forward. 

So today, we’d like to encourage you to revisit your bravest vision. Your bravest vision for your life, for your business or career, for your family, for your future. If you don’t have a vision here is a simple way to approach it. Grab a journal, notebook or open a blank document and write down, 

It is January 2024 and I am….

Then let your imagination flow. What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? What amazing things have happened in your life? What have you been working on that’s come to fruition? How are you feeling? 

In case you get stuck…

At first you may feel silly or not know what to write and that’s okay. Start writing anyway, the clarity you discover my surprise you. We find that most people know what they want, once they give themselves room to let it out. And of course, if you need more help we have a guide to writing a vision you can download here.

Remember that visioning is a time for intentional optimism. There is no need to be practical or risk adverse. You are not giving yourself marching orders, you are allowing yourself to play with what is possible. With the added bonus that it gives meaning and energy to the things you are working on right now.

Anytime your motivation wanes, and your goals seem to fizzle out, revisit your vision. It’s an easy way to get back to what matters most.