I’m back! I’ve actually forced myself not to write over the last two weeks. I needed to take a time out to shoot some video! I finished B-School, which was a great experience. Thanks to my accountability group, and Shauna Lay our fearless leader, I was able to stay on top of every single module and assignment, which turned out to be a huge undertaking. I ended B-School knowing exactly what actions to take to up level my business. First on my list, a 4 video series for Accountability Works.

Untitled design-1The video series has been a huge project. There is nothing like putting yourself out to the world on video to make you feel totally awkward and vulnerable. I started by committing to making videos every week but they weren’t turning out the way I wanted them to. Finally, I decided to make it my top priority, no distractions, just do the work. Cutting myself off from writing this blog until it was done actually helped me push through. I love to write and I love the interaction when I post something, whether its a comment, or an email, or a text. It makes my heart happy to write about things that resonate with other people. Well it was worth taking a break because the video series has gone from something deeply uncomfortable to something that feels like me, so I’m pretty excited to share it when it’s done. I just know I wouldn’t be in this place of production and growth if it were not for all of you, the people that read this blog, that are part of the groups or one on one’s, and the friends and family that support me.

I also can’t say enough good things about B-School. You will notice some big changes over the next several months and none of it would be happening without B-School and my accountability group, so thank you Marie Forleo, Team Forleo, the amazing B-School community, Shauna Lay, and my incredible accountability buddies.

P.S. If you are shooting your own videos, check out Wistia, it’s an awesome resource for all things video.