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The spring session just ended! Congratulations everyone you did awesome! It was so fun so go through the results calls this week.

As you may know, I spent the 12 weeks focusing on my thoughts, and I promised to share my results. First of all changing your thoughts is not an easy thing to quantify so I decided to track the things that might impact the quality of my thoughts. I created a spreadsheet and recorded things like what time I woke up, whether or not I set an intention for my thoughts that day (a very useful practice by the way), meditation, exercise, time outside, one on one time with each of my kids, disconnecting from my phone for 2 hours a day (i.e. work & social media),  coffee and alcohol consumption, visualization, and bedtime.

I noticed some positive results from my tracking. Over the last 12 weeks I shaved an hour off my average wake up time from 7:07am to 6:09am (includes weekends), I meditated 42 times, and I set an intention for my day 53 times. I cut down my coffee and alcohol consumption from an average of 1 cup per day to a 1/3 of a cup per day which means that I’ve gone from 7 drinks a week to 2.5. That is very good for me!

The tracking was a good exercise because it kept me conscious. At first I made no commitments other than to track but I noticed that not having commitments around my toughest habits was making it hard to keep my self-talk positive. So I started making weekly commitments to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. I also committed to exercising 3x a week. Other than that I was pretty easy on myself. I wasn’t perfect at tracking either. I did miss a few days here and there.

When I started this experiment I thought by the end I would have manifested something really awesome. I put a few things down. I wanted to make more money, look and feel amazing, and start working with someone I admired. When I would do my visualizations that’s what I would be visualizing.

So I do feel amazing. I finally dropped those 5 lbs that I could not get rid of no matter how hard I tried. I did a 3-week cleanse that has seriously done something incredible to my skin. It hasn’t looked like this in years. That’s a bonus. I didn’t make more money. In fact, I spent more money on my business than I ever have. I hired two virtual assistants and a coach. I upgraded a bunch of my systems and I re-branded everything which you will see unfold over the next couple of weeks. I did get to work with someone I deeply admire. Last year at World Domination Summit my favorite speaker by a mile was Jadah Sellner and in May I attended her mastermind retreat. Afterwards, Jadah spent over an hour and half on the phone with me going over each page of my new website in detail and giving me invaluable advice.

Here’s the thing I really got from this experiment. I got a deeper kinder connection to myself. I feel good about me and who I am and what I’m doing. When I’m a total bitch and I fly off the handle at something, I’m lighter about it, I don’t feel so much self-reproach. When I make a mistake I don’t play it over and over again in my head. I say sorry faster when I screw up and I say what I’m feeling more freely because I don’t want to sit in any of it. I’m learning to teach my mind what I want it to think which is that I’m good, and lovable, and deserving of all the beautiful things in life.

This of course will continue to be a work in progress. Thanks so much for reading and all the encouragement I received along the way and a very special thank you to Shauna Lay who did the hard work of holding me accountable, always with grace and a lot of love, even when I was WAY off track!

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