ACCOUNTABILITY FEELS GOOD. It’s so simple it’s almost silly, but guess what, if I do the things that I say I am going to do, I feel good, I feel powerful. When I feel good about myself, my energy is amazing. I love that feeling of sitting in my powerful place, of knowing who I am, of having confidence in myself. That’s when things really start to get interesting, it’s my favorite place to operate from. I just went through a long phase of having no accountability in my life. I had a new baby and I knew it was not “my” time it was “our” time, so I put aside my commitment worksheets, gave up my personal accountability group, and put my entrepreneurial pursuits on the backburner. For awhile, it was a much needed break from my “normal” life, from being productive to being present, from creating to allowing, but it turns out there is a rhythm to it all. I need to push myself, I need to have the feeling of accomplishment and purpose to feel like myself – to feel I am contributing and that I am a creative force. I want to make choices and decisions, I want timelines and tension. As soon as I reintroduced accountability into my life after the long hiatus, it felt amazing! Having even one person to provide that accountability makes it so much easier to get critical decisions made and to get rid of procrastination. Accountability makes me make my intentions real, and that feels so good.