Accountability Works Member Spotlight: Kate Shankari Sadowsky

Meet this month’s Member Spotlight Kate Shankari Sadowsky of Embodied Health & Ayurveda 

Kate came to Accountability Works to accomplish her goal of designing and launching an online program for students to learn the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda and how to apply it to their own lives. She decided on a 4-week small group program so that she would have time with her students every week. It launched successfully in January (yay!) with more groups starting in February.

Hands-on approach

Kate’s biggest challenge was time. She already had a busy schedule when we started but adding in creating a course, dealing with the tech challenges that inevitably surface, and then getting the word out about it…with the holidays, a young child, and full life was no easy feat. However, I’m not surprised she got it done. Underneath all of that is a deep passion for empowering others to heal themselves


The first time I met Kate it was over 10 years ago at an introductory meeting for a new school of Ayurveda that was opening up in the Bay Area. We were members of the first class together. I distinctly remember seeing Kate across the room with her shaved head, flowing white clothing, sitting on her wooden meditation stool. She literally glowed and I was immediately drawn to her big smile and warm laugh. I would learn that Kate was many years deep into her journey of self-healing and education. That there were years that she could barely walk or even get out of bed without a long list of medications. But all I’ve ever known of Kate is someone who lives, breathes, and practices exactly what she teaches.

Becoming proficient at letting go

That’s why I was so honored to have Kate reach out about developing the online side of her business. The 30 Simple Practices That Change Everything email series that Kate created is probably one of my favorite opt-in’s ever. Reading each one I felt both nurtured, inspired, and the deep compassion for self that is Kate’s trademark. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone that is looking to learn this ancient wisdom in a truly modern way.