We got a special community request for our Read Watch Listen recommendations to come back. We love requests and will always do our best to respond! If you are new to the AW community, we used to share once a month or so what we were reading, watching or listening to. Most of these suggestions would come directly from our members so it was a fun way to share recommendations. So without further ado, here is what we are tuning into: 

Read – Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg, PhD

This is a great read for anyone that believes that small steps create lasting change. Ding, ding – that’s us for sure. The whole Personal Foundation part of our program is grounded in asking, “what habits build your energy, create connection and foster resilience?” This book is about dialing in your habits through small improvements, tweaks and consistency based on the Fogg Behavior Model. B.J. Fogg pioneered the field of Behavior Design and started the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. This book reads very much like a scientist wrote it. But if you love to geek out on this stuff, you will enjoy this book. 

Watch – The Lost Kitchen

Ina Garten mentioned The Lost Kitchen on her Instagram page and we fell down a rabbit hole googling about this completely unique place. There is a new series out on Discovery Plus about this restaurant in Freedom, Maine. The video we linked here is an interview with founder Erin French that is so endearing that if you don’t have a subscription you can still enjoy and get a sense of what her restaurant is all about. And why 20,000 people a year send postcards (yes, postcards) to try and get a coveted reservation there. Her story is about so much more than food. But don’t think we aren’t wanting to submit a postcard so we too can taste joy, happiness and authenticity. 

Listen – Clubhouse

This new app is a trip. It’s sort of like being at a party with a ton of different rooms. You can then walk into a room and listen in on a conversation or add to it. There are rooms on entrepreneurship, online business, social justice, poetry, human behavior and so much more. It’s really nice to have a social app that is a real-time conversation between hosts and listeners. We haven’t started our own room – yet – but once we get a hang of things, it seems like a great place to connect, learn and talk to people in a way that other social media platforms don’t provide. Right now it’s by invitation only but it’s worth getting on the waitlist. 

Please share your recommendations and we will be sure to check them out for our next installment of Read Watch Listen. Something we know we share with this community is a desire to learn from each other!