And we are back! Not sure if you noticed but we’ve been on break over here at Accountability Works. Family time, travel time, friend time, we experienced it all. We are happy to report that we are recharged and ready for an awesome 3rd quarter of the year. We hope you are too. With a new quarter comes our latest installment of Read Watch Listen. These recommendations come from our community so if you have something you’d like to recommend, please do!

Read –  The Body Is Not an Apology  by Sonya Renee Taylor

In this book Taylor speaks to living in a body that is not considered the norm or ideal. She dives into many different aspects of body shame and body shaming. I was particularly riveted by her discussion on the power and profit in body shame. Similar to when I first came across Brene Brown’s work on shame, I had so many aha moments.

I’ll give you one tidbit. There is a part where Taylor speaks to an innocent interaction between a small child and a woman in a wheelchair. When the mother realizes that the child has misunderstood what the wheelchair is and has called attention to it she quickly grabs her child and leaves in embarrassment. However, the woman in the wheelchair welcomed explaining to the child what her chair was and instead of having the sweet interaction she anticipated she felt invisible.

Watch –  4 Types of Procrastinators

This was an awesome surprise. Alyssa LaTrellle tagged us on LinkedIn because she read our article in Business Insider and decided to make her own video on it. We had no idea that article would blow up the way it did. Ever since it was published we field questions all the time on procrastination and we have so many clients that are rewiring old habits and mindsets around procrastination. My favorite part of this video is where Alyssa shares her self-reflection (7:20).

Listen – The Daily: The Unlikely Pioneer Behind the mRNA Vaccines

Marissa and I both listen to the Daily pretty often but we both missed this episode until one of our private coaching clients insisted we listen to it. People around the world, who received an mRNA vaccine, can be so grateful to this humble researcher. She had the tenacity and will to continue on in the face of constant adversity and bring us the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. This is a story you will truly enjoy knowing and one that will and should go down in history. 

We always encourage you to read watch and listen, but don’t forget to take some action too!