We often talk about accountability but the real workhorse of our process is COMMITMENT. Commitments are the intentional actions you decide to take (every week) in service of your goals.

For instance, this week, I have commitments around marketing and social media (related to my financial goal). Updating our processes in Asana, which are part of my leadership goal. For my ‘home as sanctuary’ goal I’ve been planning my garden so this is the week to order supplies. And my personal foundation commitments are my morning and evening routines, taking my herbs and supplements, and getting outside with my dog at least 3 times.

When you are having a great week and everything is in flow it’s easier to keep commitments and move through all the other stuff too. But when you feel like chaos is around every corner and nothing is going your way you would think they would fall by the wayside. However, I was struck by a group member’s comment after a tough week that she was ‘really grateful for commitments’ because they ‘anchored’ her and ‘helped her stay grounded’. When she used the word ‘anchor‘ it reminded me how many times I’ve heard that phrase from clients in reference to their commitments.

What are your anchors

We all have things that we do that make us feel anchored. And not in the held back or down sense but in the sense of feeling calm in the chaos. What makes you feel anchored or grounded when life feels like you are in a small boat out in rough seas? 

Perhaps it’s a morning cup of coffee with your partner, a favorite yoga class, the time you spend every Monday to organize your week before you dive in. Knowing them helps because the next time you hit a rough patch you will know what to lean into.

If you don’t have any, you can download our  Weekly Commitments pages from our popular AW Planner. The focus on commitments and accountability will introduce you to the practices our members are using to help them.